Our Team

The Team at SgS Consulting consists of:



Rahul Suchdev, Director

Rahul Suchdev is a Senior Recruitment Consultant having worked for several well known groups.
Rahul has a philosophical outlook to recruitment. According to him "Recruitment is no rocket science as long as you don't play the numbers game”. We are not trading humans as commodity; we are in the business of providing Human Solutions.
In his previous roles Rahul Suchdev has played a vital role in strengthening and securing key accounts. Rahul’s strengths are delivery and project based recruitment.



Judith Jamieson

Principal Consultant (Thinking Partner)

Judith has been helping leaders and teams in organisations achieve transformational outcomes for two decades by appropriately balancing the business and people aspects of change.
Judith has held a number of senior management positions within NZ and UK corporations. Judith's focus is to work alongside organisations and their leaders as their "thinking partner" to create results from their people.



Monique Laurie

Monique is a coach and consultant in the tertiary sector specialising in the design and implementation of training programmes that develop key inter-personal skills.
Her areas of expertise are:
• Presentation skills
• Personal leadership and self-responsibility
• Business writing (including English as a second language)
• Research and critical thinking capabilities
• Inter-cultural communication and learning needs
Monique has a passion for instilling a commitment to ‘lifelong learning’ in those she trains, believing education is the gateway to tapping one's potential.