Specialising in placement of highly skilled ICT staff and sector specific experts to blue chip clients

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SgS Consulting is a 'Boutique Recruitment Firm' designed to be an integral part of your value chain. Our core competencies lie in presenting Human Solutions to add value to your bottom line.


We endeavour to provide a complete solution by drawing on experienced consultants using proven methodologies and the latest technology in a professional environment.


SgS Consulting has well over 40 years of "hands-on" experience. SgS has the insight, awareness and sere experience to understand your business, the typical

line demands as well as the project influences and complex (process or technical) issues require the right capabilities to allow you to be able to deliver new processes and support your ongoing business.


SgS Consulting strives to a partnership with their customers to the stage where they experience SgS as an integral part of their organisation and no longer look upon SgS as a separate entity.


It is this partnership that prides us to describe our customers as our peers in business.




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